When Creativity meets
Breakthrough Technology

Revolver is an experimental cryptocurrency network created to reward independent authors and artists in a fair and decentralized way

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Open source

Support concept

RevolverCoin is a decentralized digital currency that mixes a new social 'Support' concept with the blockchain technology

Reward platform

Support your favorite artists and grow together. Rewards are distributed instantly according to the support graph structure

Basic Income

The experimental software that aims to implement the basic income concept in real life

Distribution model

Consensus rules enforce a distribution of coins not only to miners but also to content creators

Proof of Concept

Decentralized Reward Platform

The research is an attempt to identify a new approach to the problem of social and economic interaction between creators and consumers and to offer a possible solution based on blockchain technology

Reward Distribution in Decentralized Networks

To significantly increase the scale and ensure long term viability of the decentralized networks user reward mechanics have to be implemented. Such mechanics motivate users to stay inside the system and contribute towards its success and expansion